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Creative Records – All we do is win

After ten years of recording, producing, mixing and mastering, Cristian Nastase decided to create a newly branded and located recording studio in London, now known as CREATIVE RECORDS Studios.

CREATIVE RECORDS is a record label and music publisher founded in 2018 to develop and promote new artists in any style of music. We have a variety of writers, producers, musicians, and engineers available for songwriting, recording, and mastering. We also have graphic artists, marketing, and public relations people for CD packaging, distribution, and promotion.

Available Gear?

Also, CREATIVE RECORDS has a 36-track recording studio (analogue and digital), complete with state-of-the-art digital audio workstations, and a full complement of acoustic and electronic instruments, suitable for any style of music.


Most importantly, CREATIVE RECORDS is the home to a string of highly talented and professional sound engineers and producers. This stellar team is one of the mixing studio’s strongest features as they continue to bring great enthusiasm and professionalism to every individual project.

Besides that, CREATIVE RECORDS sound engineers and producers have worked with a large list of talents and they continue to welcome new talents through the studio’s doors every day. They have produced music for artists of all genres and have worked on countless projects for television, film and radio companies. No audio project is too large or too small for CREATIVE RECORDS.


At CREATIVE RECORDS Studios, we do our best to create a friendly, hardworking and enjoyable environment, as it is extremely important to us that our clients feel comfortable and happy working with us. We invite all our prospective clients to make an appointment for a free consultation at CREATIVE RECORDS.

With the new location, CREATIVE RECORDS’ mixing studio could now accommodate both talented musicians, record labels and media companies alike.

We would love to hear about your project, introduce you to our team and show you our facilities, all over a cup of coffee.

To find out more about our recording studio, or to talk to one of our sound engineers, contact us via email at or call us on +44 (0)7873 835 548

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It’s time you regain control over your music!

What use is a record label in 2018? It’s a fair question. In a world that’s increasingly more connected, there is nothing stopping music-makers from going at it alone, free of the traditional industry framework.

But just as music has evolved to meet the challenges of an internet age, so have labels. Nowadays a label can be many things – a party promoter, a talent spotter, a design studio, a hub in a global network, a stamp of aesthetic good taste, a family, a crew. And while it’s true you don’t need to sign to a label to make it, it’s clear that small but perfectly formed imprints, run with passion and intelligence, remain the lifeblood of the scene.

Target Audience

  • Businesses
  • Record Labels
  • Freelance Artists
  • Music Bands
  • College Students
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Film Industry
  • Individuals

Types of Work

  • Singles
  • Albums
  • EPs
  • Advertising
  • Audiobooks
  • Radio/TV Production
  • Sound Effects

Our Specialties

  • Recording
  • Pre Mix Editing
  • Stereo and 5.1 Mixing
  • Music Sequencing & Production
  • Mastering
  • Location Recording
  • Live Sound
  • ADR & Voice Over
  • Sound Design & Foley

It’s time you regain control over your music!

How can we help you gain that control?

Distribute your music to over 200 stores around the world with CREATIVE RECORDS distribution packages, that scale to your needs.


Easily sell your music online on hundreds of stores and platforms. We work in distribution, marketing and playlisting.


We will work with you to create content that attracts more fans. Also, we’ll post regularly on your socials if you don’t have the time.


Easily get your music recorded, mixed and mastered with CREATIVE RECORDS. We have all you need to get started into the music industry today. 
Get started on your music recordings today!

Record your music


Easily get your music and videos worldwide on hundreds of online stores and platforms. We pay out on a monthly basis with no minimums or annual fees.
Get started on your music distribution today!

Distribute your music


We have relationships with editors, curators and influencers across the globe to get your music featured and playlisted where it matters. Our contacts are at Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music & more!

What is playlisting?


CREATIVE RECORDS’s bespoke campaigns expose your music to a wider audience. Utilising our range of contacts at digital publications, tastemaker blogs & on social platforms to boost your reputation.

Learn more